Employee Policy Handbook Assessment

Employee Policy Handbook Assessment

So, you have a handbook or created one from one of those nifty-thrifty software do-it-yourself programs and you are wondering if it will actually protect you from employment claims?  You are right to worry.  Employee Policy Handbooks cannot be a one-size-fits all process.  Sure, there are standard regulatory policies that need to be in there – and usually the software programs will get THOSE right.  But, you have your own business BECAUSE you do not want to be like everyone else.  Your business is unique.  Your style is unique.  Your employees are unique.  Your handbook should be UNIQUE, too.  It needs to fit what you do (and don’t do), what your employees can (or can’t do), and clearly spell out the path that  you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you.

Our assessment is a full, deep dive into your existing handbook pointing out the areas that are: 1) adverse to current employment law; 2) conflict with other policies or procedures you have in place; 3) point out holes or missing policies that are or may create employment liability…and all supported with a full write-up explaining the good, bad, ugly…AND the options.

Your handbook is your biggest suit of armor in protecting your legacy, your employees, and your organization.  Don’t roll the dice thinking you’ve done “enough” simply by having a handbook…It could be the anchor that sinks you.