California Consumer Protection Act – OnDemand

California Consumer Protection Act – OnDemand

Covered businesses need to prepare for major changes to the law, which were approved by California voters under Prop 24’s California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Most notably, a CCPAexception for employee and job applicant data will end on Jan. 1, 2023 and provide employees and applicants with the same CCPA rights that have applied to consumers since 2020.

The CPRA also will add new rights. Employers should be keenly aware of their obligations under the CCPA and CPRA, as litigation and enforcement actions are likely to increase, and thedeadline to comply is fast approaching.

With so many requirements to review, you may have missed a lesser known, but important, obligation to provide sufficient training to everyone who is responsible for your CCPA and CPRAcompliance measures, or for handling consumer inquiries about your privacy practices.